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Our services

In line with the "Agile" principles, we lead your project step by step.
You benefit quickly from key features and processes to improve the productivity and efficiency of your business!
We offer various services to support you in the digitalization of your company.

  • Integration of IT systems for enterprise content management and collaboration (Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365)
  • Analysis, Design and Design of customized applications
  • Audit, maintenance and improvement of existing IT solutions
  • Coaching and support with the use of Microsoft software
  • Training for end users (Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office)
  • Training for advanced users (Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft PowerApps)
  • Advisory and support

About us

We are experts in enterprise content management and software solutions design, we support you and strive to understand your needs in order to develop and implement IT solutions that will allow you to increase the productivity and performance of your business.

Certain values ​​are, for us, essential for the greatest satisfaction of our customers

  • Quality

    We strive to always provide the best quality both in our services and advice as well as in the solutions we design. We are continuously training ourselves to always be at the forefront of technologies in order to guarantee the best solution for your needs.

  • Reactivity

    What's more frustrating in a business than a computer problem that is not treated? At PVX Solutions, we make it a point of honor to take your requests into account in the shortest possible time and provide you with a quick solution so that you can continue working in the most optimal conditions.

  • Sincerity

    IT and digitalisation is our job! We know that it is sometimes difficult to understand many aspects of this universe. We want to bond with our customers a real relationship of trust in order to be able to treat your needs and requests in a transparent way. You thus have adequate IT solutions for your activity under the most interesting conditions.

We have solid experience in many products and technologies

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PVX Solutions is eager to promote a list of blogs written either by employees, partners or simply friends. You will also find some technical and functional reference articles.

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